D. Scott Gurney

“Ty did a great job settling a multi-million dispute involving complex payment and quality claims on an airport runway project. Ty was prepared, organized, creative and relentless in this three-party, 2.5-day mediation. I would highly recommend Ty as a mediator for any difficult construction dispute.”

-D. Scott Gurney, Cincinnati, OH-

Doug Shevelow

“Ty has always been extremely well prepared for the mediations where I have worked with him. I have seen Ty help resolve several complex, high-dollar multiparty construction disputes that many had thought impossible to settle. Ty’s only weak spot is an unhealthy devotion to bad baseball teams.”

-Doug Shevelow, Columbus, OH-

Robert J. Franco

“Ty brings a wealth of construction knowledge and litigation experience to the mediation process. He enjoys the support of the Bar as an impartial neutral, and has an engaging personality which creates the right environment for resolution.”

-Robert J. Franco, Chicago, IL-

John P. Ahlers

“We had what we believed to be an irreconcilable $25 million plus construction dispute headed for a five-week jury trial. Mr. Laurie, agreed to act as mediator, on short notice. He brought the two sides together and settled the case which both lawyers were convinced was headed to trial. Ty was firm and energetic and he refused to give up on the process, ultimately his tenacity and familiarity with the subject matter (constructional law) caused the matter to settle to the great relief of the clients.”

-John P. Ahlers, Seattle, WA-

James Gresens

“There were five parties in a complex construction dispute that had gone on for 10 years. The issues were many and the documents numbered in the thousands. When Ty Laurie arrived on the first day he had a firm understanding of all of this. He worked skillfully and tirelessly for the next two days to achieve a resolution with four of the defendants – a feat that no one had thought possible. Ty put his heart into this. I recommend him without qualification.”

-James Gresens, Esq., Buffalo, NY-

Leslie P. King

“Ty Laurie is the most skilled construction mediator with whom I have ever worked. We recently settled a multi-party complex case that could have taken years to resolve. Instead, we agreed to mediate with Ty. He had a thorough and technical understanding of the issues at stake, and is an extremely careful reader and listener. He knew how to apply pressure when needed, and because it was coming from his informed perspective, his guidance was all the more effective. I will continue to call upon his services every chance I get.”

-Leslie P. King, New Haven, CT-

Dean B. Thomson

“I’ve used Ty Laurie as a mediator on many contentious construction cases that, frankly, I did not think would or could settle. Ty’s skill, knowledge, and experience proved my skepticism wrong. He is exceptionally quick in absorbing both the nuances and essence of a complex case, and he utilizes many creative approaches to resolve obstacles to settlement. Given his credibility, efficiency, and effectiveness, I think his services are an excellent value.”

-Dean B. Thomson, Minneapolis, MN-

Wendy K. Venoit

“Ty was a highly effective mediator on a multi-party case involving a public owner, the owner’s design team (and E&O carriers), the contractor, the subcontractors and their respective carriers. As a result of Ty’s outside of the box approach, the parties were able to get the matter resolved without ever entering into formal litigation. It was one of the rare instances where the major parties were all pleased with the result. This was a prime example of how mediation can be a highly effective means of dispute resolution that ultimately saved the parties thousands (if not collectively, millions) in legal cost.”

-Wendy K. Venoit, Boston, MA-